Office and Finance

Ken Williams, Executive Director
Jane Jorgenson, Office and Finance Manager

Publications and Communications

Lisa Moore, Director/Editor-in-Chief

The Wildlife Professional
Divya Abhat, Managing Editor
Cassie Martin, Editorial Intern

Journal of Wildllife Management
Evelyn Merrill, Editor-in-Chief
Allison Cox, Content Editor
Anna Knipps, Editorial Assistant

Wildlife Society Bulletin
Christine Ribic, Editor-in-Chief
Janet Wallace, Editorial Assistant

Wildlife Monographs
Eric Hellgren, Editor-in-Chief

Technical Reviews
Theodore Bookhout, Editor


Ed Thompson, Chief Operating Officer

Hedy Ross, Manager

Membership and Conferences
Danielle Prete, Membership and Conferences Coordinator
Lilly Matheson, Program Assistant

Professional Development
Katherine Edwards, Coordinator

Information Technology, Website
Aniket Gajare, Database and IT Administrator
Jeremiah Patterson, Web Producer

Government Affairs and Partnerships

Laura Bies, Director
Keith Norris, Assistant Director
Jennifer Caldwell, Policy Scholar

Associated Partnerships
Carolyn Enquist, Science Coordinator, USA National Phenology Network