For Officers

Submissions to The Wildlife Professional

To get your subunit news in The Wildlife Professional, please send announcements about new publications, conference activities, awards, partnerships, or any other interesting happenings to


  • Spring issues: mid-December of the prior year
  • Summer issues: mid-March
  • Fall issues: mid-June
  • Winter issues: mid-September

Report Forms

Submit the following forms to Katie Edwards,

Submit the following form to current president and

Model Bylaws, Charter & Strategic Plan

Policies for Subunits

Publication of Workshops and Proceedings

Identity Guide

Thinking of printing stationary for your chapter, section or working group? Are you designing a new logo for your subunit? Consult the Identity Guide to see how to use the official TWS logo, colors, and other branding elements.

Please use the official TWS PowerPoint Template for all presentations made on behalf of the Society.

Use the TWS Business Card Template for subunit business cards, for use with Avery Business Card #5371 template.

Forming a New TWS Subunit

Submit the following forms to Katie Edwards,

Tax Forms

Workshops and Other Resources



Online Elections

TWS is available to run online elections for subunits that have online elections already part of their bylaws. Contact Aniket Gajare,, with the following information: name of subunit, date to open elections, date to close the elections, name of positions and candidates for the election, and any other restrictions you might have.


  • Two to four weeks in advance of the date you plan to open elections, if all of your subunit members are also members of TWS (parent society).
  • Four to six weeks in advance of the date you plan to open elections, if all of your subunit members are NOT also members of TWS (parent society).
  • Shorter notices can be accommodated on a case-to-case basis.

Membership Rosters

Officers can access their subunit membership roster in the Membership Center. You must be a current TWS member to be able to access the roster. The roster includes only those members who have paid your subunit dues through TWS (parent society).

Student Toolkit & Benefits

  • Student Toolkit - teaches student chapter officers how to host events, conduct fundraising, hold elections, apply for awards, work with the media, create opportunities for professional growth, and learn networking skills.
  • Student Benefits PowerPoint - describes the value of a TWS membership.

Conservation Affairs and Subunit Leadership Workshop Materials

Download materials from this workshop at the 20th Annual Conference in Milwaukee. Download PDF.
Download the PowerPoints and PDF materials from this workshop at the 19th Annual Conference in Portland. Download zip folder.