Online Courses

This is a list of available online courses that can help applicants supplement their certification application. In no way does it constitute prior approval, as each application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis in its entirety, through the peer review process. In addition to this list, you can also check the courses offered by the Department of Interior and USDA Graduate School.

State School City Contact Name of Course
  American Public University online (877) 777-9081 Introduction to Wildlife Management; Fish and Wildlife Management; Soil Science; Biology; Chemistry
Statistics; Computer Science; Environmental Impact Assessment; Environmental Policy, Regulation, and Law; Fish and Wildlife Policies, Programs, and Issues; Wildlife Management
  The Natural Resources Distance Learning Consortium  online   Wildlife Policy; Introduction to Population Dynamics; Wildlife Damage Management; Wildlife Biology; Origins of Fish and Wildlife Management; Wetland Ecology and Policy
and many more
AL Auburn University Auburn David Rouse
(334) 844-4786
Basic Crop Science; Basic Soil Science, Soil Resources and Conservation; Soil Chemistry
AZ Northern Arizona University Flagstaff Jim Allen
(928) 523-3131
Economic and Social Issues in Forest Recreation Development, Forestry Introduction, Trees and Forests of North America
CO Colorado State University Fort Collins Delwin E. Benson,
(970) 491-6411
Action for Sustainable Behavior, Natural Resources Policy and Biodiversity, Leadership and Public Communications, Wildlife Policy, Law and Administration, Wildlife Habitat Evaluation For Educators,Wildlife Habitat on the Great Plains,Leopold's Ethic for Wildlife and Land,Hunter Education for Instructors
ID University of Idaho  Moscow Karen Launchbaugh
(208) 885-4394
Ecology; Principles of Vegetation Measurement and Assessment; GIS Applications in Natural Resources; Wildland Restoration Ecology; Rangeland Ecology; Plant Ecophysiology
FL University of Florida Gainesville Chuck Cichra
(352) 339-6173
GA Fort Valley State University Fort Valley Melinda Davis
(478) 825-6240


Environmental Science
KY Eastern Kentucky University Richmond Bob Frederick
(859) 622-1531
Conservation of Wildlife Resources, Evolution, Microbiology,
MN University of Minnesota Minneapolis Kris Moore
(612) 626-6770


Avian Influenza: The Basics, Avian Influenza: Detection in Wild Birds - Field Collection of Samples, Avian Influenza: Surveillance for Avian Influenza in Bird, General Influenza: Interspecies Transmission of Influenza Viruses 
NV Great Basin College multiple (775) 753-2181 Principles of Range Science; Rangeland Measurements and Monitoring; Introduction to Conservation Biology; Wildlife Ecology and Management; Environmental Regulation and Compliance
NC Western Piedmont Community College Morganton Penny Peeler
(828) 438-6197
Environmental Science; Earth Science;Environmental Health; Air Quality; Land Resource Management; Environmental Health and Safety; Solid Waste Management; Industrial Waste Treatment
NM New Mexico State University Las Cruces Raul Valdez
(505) 646-3719
New Mexico Water Issues ; Data Collection and Analysis ; Leadership on Agricultural and Natural Resource Issues
NY Cornell University Ithaca 1-866-eCornell Ornithology
OR Eastern Oregon University La Grande Pat Kennedy
(541) 962-3612
Herpetology, Plant Taxonomy, Land use and Environment
OR Oregon State University Corvallis Dan Edge
(541) 737-2910
Principles of Fish and Wildlife Conservation; Field Sampling of Fish and Wildlife; Biology and Conservation of Marine Mammals; Survey of Geographic Information Systems in Natural Resource; Specialization Development; Biology of Birds; Systematics of Birds; Biology of Fishes; Biology of Mammals; Introductory Population Dynamics; Fisheries and Wildlife Resource Ecology; Managment of Pacific Salmon in the Northwest; Global Crisis in Resource Ecology; Integrated Watershed Managment; Multicultural Perspectives in Natural Resources; Topics in Wildland Fire; Endangered Species Society and Sustainability; Origins of Fish and Wildlife Managment-Evolution Genetics and Ecology; Aquatic Biological Invasions; Principles of Wildlife Diseases; Dynamics of Marine Biological Resources; Wildlife in Agriculture Ecosystems; Avian Conservation and Managment; Fishery Biology; Ecology and History: Lanscapes the Columbia Basin; Wetlands and Riparian Ecology; Wildlife Ecology; Consensus and Natural Resources; Ecology and Managment of Marine Fishes; Aquatic Biological Invasions; Wildlife in Agricultural Ecosystems; Ecologial Policy
TX Texas Tech University Lubbock Phil Gipson
(806) 742-2841
Cooperatives in Agriculture; Principles of Horticulture; Soil Fertility Management;
TX  Texas A&M University College Station Clark Adams


Urban wildlife management; Ecology and society
WA Washington State University Pullman Rod Sayler
The Environment, Human Life, and Sustainability; The Science and Policy of Climate Change; Environmental Assessment; Conservation Biology; Restoration Ecology
WV  Glenville State College Glenville Rick Spybolt
304-462-4135 ext 7371
Natural Resource Management
WV West Virginia University Morgantown Jim Anderson
(304) 293-2941 ext 2445
The Tradition of Hunting; Principles of Conservation Ecology; Restoration Ecology; Outbreak: Invasive Species
WI University of Wisconsin Stevens Point Tim Ginnett
(715) 346-4191
Basic Concepts of Sustainability:Sustainability and Society; Natural Resources, History and Culture of Island Ecosystems: Puerto Rico; International Environmental Studies Seminar: South Africa; Environmental Studies of China; Leadership Development in Natural Resources: Strategic Planning and Implementation; Fundamentals of Environmental Education ; American Environmental History, Environmental Education Teaching Methods, Environmental Health,
 WY  Western Wyoming Rock Springs Sandra Mitchel
(307) 382-1749