Peer Reviews

Peer Reviews are periodically contracted by outside entities to provide an independent and scientific reviews of reports, white papers, peer reviewed literature, or policies. TWS’ Government Affairs staff facilitates the review, from selection of the review team to the submission of a final product (which may be independent comments, a summary document, or a single detailed review reflecting a coalescence of all reviewers’ comments).


Coalitions are designed to maximize TWS’ collaborations with other organizations helps raise greater awareness of challenges facing wildlife and provides another venue for TWS to communicate science-based wildlife conservation strategies to decision-makers. TWS is a member of several coalitions that address a range of wildlife issues, from securing adequate funding for wildlife conservation programs to preserving habitats and combating invasive species.

Partnerships and MOUs

Partnerships and Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) are formal agreements between TWS and its many partners, including federal agencies and other organizations, which establish how TWS and its partners relate to and work with one another, either in general or in relation to a specific project.

Cooperative Projects

Cooperative projects are long term initiatives between TWS, government agencies and/or other organizations which aim to fill knowledge gaps by sharing information and developing strategic plans to address specific wildlife-related issues.