Sponsor a Student

The Sponsor a Student Program was created with the goal of providing membership to deserving students to introduce them to their professional society. Your gift will provide students with membership benefits such as access to our Mentorship Center, Career Center, award-winning publications, unparalleled training and networking opportunities, and much more. Your donation to our Sponsor a Student Program is sincerely appreciated.

As a donor, you can sponsor a student nominated by their advisor or a specific student. All Sponsor a Student donations are tax-deductible and a receipt will be sent to you. For any questions regarding the Program, please contact Katie Edwards at katie.edwards@wildlife.org or call (301) 897-9770 ext 303.

Sponsor a student membership today.

The Wildlife Society would like to thank our 2011-2012 student sponsorship donors for their generous contribution:

Peg Boulay
Arnold Brunell
Linda Byer
Carol Chambers
William R. Clark
Carol Corbat
Dwayne Etter
Kris Godwin
Rich and Mary Guenzel
Chuck Hayes
Curtis Hopkins
Garry Hornbeck
L. Douglas Hotton
D. Bradford Hradenbrook
Michael Hutchins
Doug Johnson
Winifred Kessler
Paul Krausman
Steven Kurtz
Matson's Laboratory
Mark Masteller
Carol McIntyre
Nemours Wildlife Foundation
John Organ
Jodie Provost
Steven Reagan
Katy Reeder
Adam Rich
Rick Spaulding
Samara Trusso, in memory of Dave Hamilton and Dave Grove
TWS California North Coast Chapter
TWS Canadian Section
TWS Florida Chapter
TWS Forestry & Wildlife Working Group
TWS Illinois Chapter
TWS Iowa Chapter
TWS Maine Chapter
TWS New York State Chapter
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TWS South Dakota Chapter
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TWS Wildlife Diseases Working Group
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Megan Vogel
Tom Watts
Kimberly Wells
Gary White
Ernie & Hope Wiggers
Steve Windels
Don Yasuda